Late Nights at the Guggenheim, Summer 2017

Special programs and late nights at the Guggenheim
Summer 2017

In celebration of the summer season, the Guggenheim will be open late until 9pm on Tuesday evenings from June 20 through August 29. Plan a visit during these special extended hours for an expanded museum experience that includes open galleries, a rotunda bar, films, performance, and lively discussions. Included in the price of admission is The Summer of Know, a special series of conversations in the museum café bringing together artists, activists, and thinkers to address pertinent political and social issues.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
1071 5th Ave
10128 New York, NY

Ashley Bickerton – Ornamental Hysteria

Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria Book 01

Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria Book 02

Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria Book 03

Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria Book 04

Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria Book 05

Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria Book 06

Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria Book 07

Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria Book 08

Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria Book 09

Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria Book 10

Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria Book 11

Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria Book 12

Ashley Bickerton - Ornamental Hysteria Book 13

Ashley Bickerton – Ornamental Hysteria (Signed)
Hardback 2017
315 x 240 mm (13 x 10 inches)
Foreword by Hugh Allan
Essays by Paul Theroux, Nicola Trezzi, Roddy Bogawa/Ashley Bickerton
Published by Other Criteria

Bali-based artist Ashley Bickerton (born 1959) rose to prominence in the early 1980s as part of New York’s East Village art scene with his vibrant abstract works critiquing consumer culture and the commodification of the art object. Alongside Jeff Koons, Meyer Vaisman and Peter Halley, Bickerton pioneered what was called the “Neo-Geo” movement with his unconventional paintings devoid of Expressionist brushstrokes. Featuring works that span the duration of Bickerton’s career thus far, from the earlier consumerist works up to the recent tropically-colored mixed-media paintings of exotic, erotic fantasies and nightmares, Ashley Bickerton: Ornamental Hysteria draws from works in Damien Hirst’s Murderme collection. This fully illustrated book offers a thorough survey of the artist’s diverse body of work and includes essays by novelist Paul Theroux and art critic Nicola Trezzi, as well as a conversation between Bickerton and the filmmaker Roddy Bogawa.

Ashley Bickerton: Ornamental Apocalyptic at Newport Street Gallery, London
21 April – 20 August 2017

Freedom not Genius – Works from Damien Hirst’s Murderme Collection

Freedom not Genius - Works from Damien Hirst's Murderme Collection 001

Freedom not Genius - Works from Damien Hirst's Murderme Collection 002

Freedom not Genius - Works from Damien Hirst's Murderme Collection 003

Freedom not Genius - Works from Damien Hirst's Murderme Collection 004

Freedom not Genius - Works from Damien Hirst's Murderme Collection 005

Freedom not Genius - Works from Damien Hirst's Murderme Collection 006

Freedom not Genius - Works from Damien Hirst's Murderme Collection 007

Freedom not Genius - Works from Damien Hirst's Murderme Collection 008

Freedom not Genius - Works from Damien Hirst's Murderme Collection 009

Freedom not Genius – Works from Damien Hirst’s Murderme Collection

305 x 225 mm (12 x 9 inches)
100 colour illustrations
Essay and an interview with the artist by curator Elena Geuna
Essay by Mario Codognato
Published by Other Criteria and Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli
ISBN 978-1-906967-56-7

“Hirst began his collection in the late 1980s by exchanging his own works with those of his contemporaries and artist friends. It has grown to include works by many international artists of earlier generations: not only postwar masters like Bacon and Giacometti, but also pivotal figures in the history of 20th century art, such as Richard Hamilton, Mario Merz, Bruce Nauman, Richard Prince and Kurt Schwitters. Two themes recur frequently in this selection – memento mori and the animal kingdom – and together they are capable of communicating the spirit of the entire collection, combining masterpieces of contemporary art with fascinating specimens from the natural world.

An independent curator, author, and art advisor, Geuna has contributed a perceptive essay on the scope and nature of this collection as well as a penetrating interview with Damien Hirst. Another essay by Mario Codognato (writer, and curator at Blain|Southern) explores Hirst’s dual role as artist/collector, and analyses his considerable influence, both on his contemporaries and on younger artists whose work is still developing. Accompanying stunning colour plates of all the works in the exhibition, there are also brief biographies of the artists involved.

Elena Geuna is an independent curator, author, and art advisor. Mario Codognato is a writer, and curator at Blain|Southern.

Freedom not Genius – Works from Damien Hirst’s Murderme Collection, accompanies the exhibition at the Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli in Turin, Italy, which presents selected works from Hirst’s art collection, curated by Elena Guena. The exhibition is from 10th November 2013 until 10th March 2013. There are 51 artists in the exhibition: Frank Auerbach, Francis Bacon, David Bailey, Banksy, John Bellany, Nick Bibby, Ashley Bickerton, Peter Blake, Don Brown, Mat Collishaw, John Currin, Tracey Emin, Faile, Angus Fairhurst, Abigail Fallis, Paul Fryer, Alberto Giacometti, Steven Gregory, Richard Hamilton, Marcus Harvey, Rachel Howard, John Hoyland, Gary Hume, Paul Insect, John Isaacs, Michael Joo, Jonathan Kingdom, Jeff Koons, Jim Lambie, Sean Landers, Hyungkoo Lee, Sherrie Levine, Colin Lowe, Sarah Lucas, Mario Merz, Rodrigo Moynihan, Vik Muniz, Takashi Murakami, Bruce Nauman, Olly and Suzi, Gabriel Orozco, Pablo Picasso, Walter Potter, Richard Prince, Kurt Schwitters, Haim Steinbach, Fred Tomaselli, Keith Tyson, Andy Warhol, Rachel Whiteread, Cerith Wyn Evans.”

Other Criteria

Elger Esser – Enfeh I, Lebanon, 2005

Elger Esser, Enfeh I, Lebanon, 2005. C-print, Diasec, 142 x 184 x 5 cm.

Elger Esser, Enfeh I, Lebanon, 2005. C-print, Diasec, 142 x 184 x 5 cm.

Parasol Unit
Foundation for Contemporary Art

Flash Art International no. 313 – March / April 2017

Flash Art International no. 313
March – April 2017

Discussing the painting practice of Kerry James Marshall with Hans Ulrich Obrist, fashion designer Grace Wales Bonner cites Marshall’s intention to keep producing images of blackness “so that you’re broadening the spectrum and flooding people with that kind of imagery until it becomes normal.” “I think that’s probably why I’m on this path as well,” she concludes. Her words are central to this issue of Flash Art, which is premised on broadening the spectrum of representation of disenfranchised and marginalized communities and giving voice to creatives emerging out of these groups.

This issue gathers together artists and practitioners concerned with the development of creative languages “for empowerment,” all of whom “weaponize” creativity. In a tacit homage to Lutz Bacher’s interview project “Do You Love Me?” our cover artist Puppies Puppies meets with fellow Los Angeles–based artist Nancy Lupo. To his question, “What do you think about power in my work?” Lupo replies: “We are mutually vulnerable. The project of finding out when and where love begins is irresistible because it allows you to inscribe yourself into something that’s already happening. You get to choose your archetype, although it’s true that archetypes can be vexing, as are readymades.”

Flash Art

Kaleidoscope #28 – Fall 2016

Kaleidoscope #28
Fall 2016

Kaleidoscope Magazine

Cura No.23

Cura Magazine

Spike Art Magazine #50 Winter 2017

Spike Art Magazine #50
Winter 2017

Spike 50 is all about the family: as structure, model, metaphor, as place of origin and point of no return. Do we need to save the family, or to destroy it? Do lines of descent still make sense for artists, or have networks taken their place? From the queer family to the nuclear family, from the commune to neopatriarchy, it lives on in many forms – even in the family of an art magazine.

With contributions by Bruce Hainley, Dominikus Müller, Alison M. Gingeras, Dean Kissick, Michael Hardt, Nina Power, Nicolaus Schafhausen, Aki Sasamoto, Aaron Moulton, Daniel Baumann, Felix Bernstein, Jamieson Webster und Chiara Bottici, and many more.

Spike website

Matteo Callegari

Matteo Callegari

Edition of 600
124 pages
Hardcover 26×24 cm
ISBN 9788894154009

This publication explores the painting practice of New York–based, Italian-born artist Matteo Callegari. Organized in sections according to the artist’s bodies of work, the volume digs into Callegari’s constellation of references — from ancient funerary sculpture to Renaissance painting — and rearticulates materials according to the artist’s strategies of image-making. Design studio Front Desk Apparatus imitates Callegari’s painting practices of distortion and delineation in order to freeze the moment in which the images’ semantic value deteriorates. Callegari’s paintings appear in these pages as corrupted data, information bugs; at the same time they fight for their own iconicity. Embodying the very process of the artworks’s making, this book can be read as the platform of Callegari’s “painting system.”

Flash Art Books

Ben Rivers – Ways of Worldmaking

Ben Rivers: Ways of Worldmaking
Bettina Steinbrügge, ed.
Texts by Renee Gladman, Melissa Gronlund, Ed Halter, Andrea Picard, et al.

Ways of Worldmaking is the first comprehensive monograph on British experimental filmmaker Ben Rivers (born 1972). In recent years, Rivers has been celebrated as one of the most important experimental filmmakers of his generation. The series of exhibitions collected in this book explore the diversity and breadth of his work. Often following people who have in some way separated themselves from society, the raw film footage provides Rivers with a starting point for creating oblique narratives imagining alternative existences in marginal worlds.
This publication has been published thanks to the support of four museum institutions – Camden Arts Centre, London; Kunstverein in Hamburg; The Renaissance Society, Chicago; and La Triennale di Milano – who all have presented (or will be presenting) solo exhibition dedicated to Rivers’s practice.

224 pages
Softcover, 17 x 24 cm
ISBN 9788867492480

Mousse Publishing

For the Love of God — The Making of the Diamond Skull


For the Love of God: The Making of the Diamond Skull
Damien Hirst

This book is a creative guide to the making of arguably the most extraordinary art object to be made in the 21st century. Published to accompany the 2007 exhibition “Damien Hirst: Beyond Belief” at White Cube, it gives a fascinating pictorial insight into how Hirst’s diamond skull piece “For the Love of God” was conceived and produced.

More on For the Love of God: The Making of the Diamond Skull

Damien Hirst — The Complete Spot Paintings, 1986–2011






Damien Hirst
The Complete Spot Paintings, 1986–2011

Published by Other Criteria

The first and most significant documentation of Damien Hirst’s iconographic spot paintings documented in this comprehensive publication spanning the years 1986-2011. Every spot painting Hirst has produced is included in this substantial publication with over 99% of them illustrated.The Complete Spot Paintings includes essays by Museum of Modern Art curator Ann Tempkin, cultural critic Michael Bracewell and art historian Robert Pincus-Witten as well as a conversation between Damien Hirst, Ed Ruscha and John Baldessari.

More about The Complete Spot Paintings, 1986–2011 Slip Edition

Damien Hirst — On the Way to Work


On the Way to Work
Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst and his friend, the writer Gordon Burn, provide in On the Way to Work a fascinating window into the mind of one of the most successful artists of the turn of the 21st century. The book, which is beautifully produced, illustrated, and typeset, is a collection of interviews, the first on the eve of Hirst’s first major exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.

More on Damien Hirst: On the Way to Work on Amazon.

Gonçalo Pena – Unfinished Mandarin










Gonçalo Pena – Unfinished Mandarin

João Maria Gusmão, Pedro Paiva, eds.

Essays by João Maria Gusmão, Chris Fitzpatrick, Pedro Paiva, Post Brothers

Since 1993, Gonçalo Pena (b. 1967) has created a vast collection of drawings, with a mesh of cross-references and suppositions that all revolve around the human figure.
Within this immense collection, religion, history and ancient mythology are intertwined with political philosophy and social issues, creating an authentic cultural conundrum of references hidden behind each image.

Published on the occasion of his exhibition – “Unfinished Mandarin” – at Kunstverein München, this book is the second volume dedicated to Pena’s oeuvre. With a collection of drawings selected by the duo of artists-turned-editors João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva, the publication also contains essays by João Maria Gusmão, Chris Fitzpatrick, Pedro Paiva, and Post Brothers.

384 pages
English / Portuguese
Softcover, 16.5 x 22.4 cm
ISBN 9783161484100

Mousse Publishing

Dawn Mission – Katja Novitskova
















Dawn Mission
Bettina Steinbrügge ed.
Texts by by Lucy Chinen, Nora N. Khan, Venus Lau, Katja Novitskova, Tobias Peper, Bettina Steinbrügge, Agatha Wara

For her works, Katja Novitskova adapts images from online sources, referring to realities that lie beyond the capacities of the human eye but have long entered our lives as visual artifacts. Today, almost all aspects of human (and increasingly nonhuman) lives are registered or modeled by software on an environmental scale. Data collection and processing have transcended the limits of our planet and become the primary tools for navigating Earth and beyond. The artist book Dawn Mission explores this radically new articulation of the role of the image and how constant mediation gains an ecological dimension.

Published in conjunction with the exhibition Katja Novitskova – Dawn Mission at Kunstverein in Hamburg. April 23–July 3, 2016.

226 pages
English/ German
Softcover, 19x27cm
ISBN 9788867492282

Mousse Publishing

Vitamin P3 – New Perspectives in Painting







Vitamin P3 – New Perspectives in Painting

At last – the next instalment in the popular Vitamin series – the world’s hottest painters, selected by international experts.

Since the publication of the first Vitamin P in 2002, painting has continued to evolve and excite, with new generations responding to its historic importance and taking it in unexpected directions. A central pillar of artistic practice, painting also has enduring appeal, dominating the art market. Vitamin P3 takes the conversation forward, spotlighting more than 100 outstanding artists who are engaging with – and pushing the boundaries of – the medium of paint.

International experts include: Iwona Blazwick, Benjamin Buchloh, Marlene Dumas, Laura Hoptman, Geeta Kapur, Alex Katz, Tim Marlow, Sarah McCrory, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Beatrix Ruf, Nancy Spector.

More information on Vitamin P3 – New Perspectives in Painting

Thomas Ruff – Nudes em 08, 2001


Thomas Ruff (German, b. 1958)
Nudes em 08, 2001

Iris print in colors on Somerset Velvet rag paper, with full margins
Image Size: 10 x 15 in. (25.4 x 38.1 cm.)
Overall Size: 29.5 x 23.5 in. (74.93 x 59.69 cm.)
Signed and numbered on verso in pencil
Edition 44/50
Edition Schellmann, Munich and New York, pub.

Marilyn Minter – Raspberry, 2005


Marilyn Minter (American, b. 1948)
Raspberry, 2005

Chromogenic print (c-print)
Overall Size: 26.5 x 40 in. (67.31 x 101.6 cm.)
Framed Size: 29 x 42.13 x 2 in. (73.66 x 107.01 x 5.08 cm.)
Signed on a label accompanying the work
Edition of 5


Whitney Hubbs – Body Doubles












Whitney Hubbs
Body Doubles
March 19 – May 7, 2016
612 North Almont Drive
Los Angeles, California 90069

Whitney Hubbs – Body Doubles at M+B









Whitney Hubbs
Body Doubles
March 19 – May 7, 2016
612 North Almont Drive
Los Angeles, California 90069

Ihar Yukhnevich – Zero Radius. Art Ontology of The 00s






























Zero Radius. Art Ontology of The 00s. Minsk. 2000–2010 — this is the full name of belarusian contemporary art research project. It contains three main stages: 1) art research, 2) group exhibition and 3) book release.

Design & layout: Ihar Yukhnevich
Edited by Oksana Jguirovskia, Olga Shparaga, Ruslan Vashkevich
Logo concept: Ruslan Vashkevich
Photography: Miroslav Adamchik, Anna Babitskaya, Oxana Jguirovskia, Sergey Zhdanovich, Anna Loktionova, Artyom Rybchinsky, Vika Shcherbakova, Dasha Buben

Lee Dongi – Bubbles, 2016


Lee Dongi (Korean, b. 1967)
Bubbles, 2016

Acrylic on canvas
27.56 x 27.56 x 1 in. (70 x 70 x 2.54 cm.)
Signed, inscribed, dated and titled on verso; accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity

Yue Minjun – Untitled, 2003


Yue Minjun (Chinese, b. 1962)
Untitled, 2003

Oil on canvas
Overall Size: 54.72 x 42.13 in. (139 x 107 cm.)
Framed Size: 55.51 x 42.91 x 0.79 in. (141 x 109 x 2 cm.)
Signed and dated lower right

















Micol Assaël
Andrea Lissoni, ed.
Texts by Jens Hoffmann, Andrea Lissoni, and Luca Lo Pinto

This book was created in conjunction with Micol Assaël’s solo exhibition “ILIOKATAKINIOMUMASTILOPSARODIMAKOPIOTITA”, curated by Andrea Lissoni at Pirelli HangarBicocca (Milan, January 31 – May 4, 2014). It brings together, for the very first time, all of the work made by the artist between 1999 and 2014, offering a detailed, in-depth look at her practice.

Micol Assaël’s entire oeuvre is characterized by the use and juxtaposition of different media: drawing, sculpture, installation, performance, video and sound. Her works often have a complex and at times precarious relationship with the variables (size, lighting, temperature, smell) of the setting that houses them. Each one is analyzed in an entry containing a description of the work, a chronicle of its evolution and an outline of its exhibition history.

368 pages
English / Italian
Hardcover, 21.5 x 15 cm
ISBN 9788867492053

Mousse Publishing

Irma Blank – Breath Paintings








Irma Blank
Breath Paintings
Produced by MOSTYN, Wales UK and the generous support of P420 Gallery Bologna

This book focuses on a selection of works from the series Radical Writings produced in the 1980s and 1990s. In these works the artist links her breathing to the gesture of writing, repeating a single action: drawing a line corresponding to one single breath. The striking blue paintings on canvas open up a discussion on language and signs, and on the authority of the written word that is constantly challenged as a vehicle of power.

This book is published in conjunction with the exhibition Irma Blank: Breath Paintings, MOSTYN, Wales UK (15 November–1 March, 2015)

Language: Cy / En
Dimension: 140 x 200 mm
Pages: 64
Editor: Alfredo Cramerotti
Texts by Alfredo Cramerotti, Adam Carr, Luca Lo Pinto
Designed by Luigi Amato
Edition of 600 copies
Year: 2015

ISBN: 978-88-97889-20-5

Cura Publishing

Torbjørn Rødland – Confabulations






















Torbjørn Rødland

A dictionary will tell you that confabulations are memory disturbances; the production of fabricated, distorted memories about oneself and the world, but without a conscious intention to deceive.

“Subjectivity is not the master signifier of the image,” writes Ina Blom of Rødland’s work, “Nor is it lost in a vortex of abstractions: it is quite simply one point of connectivity among many. The camera, with its associated range of lenses, aperture settings, lighting devices, and film types, is another. […] The emphatic sheen, sleek glamour and casual perversity still thrive, but they take on an independent existence as new textural realities – as if to speak of a material world that we can never fully know.”

With Confabulations, Torbjørn Rødland presents a set of analogue photographs that subtly misrepresents broken memories and childhood fantasies. Confabulations distorts facts to get to truth. Fragmentation is neither rejected nor induced in this unitary approach, but seen as a starting point for new connections. Beneath a million silly memes Rødland is looking for new soul.

112 pages
64 colour plates
21.6 cm x 28 cm

Publication date: June 2016

Mack Books

Josephine Meckseper – Blow-Up (Michelli, Knee-Highs), 2006


Josephine Meckseper (German, born 1964)
Blow-Up (Michelli, Knee-Highs)
Chromogenic color print
78 5/8 x 62 5/8″ (199.7 x 159.1 cm)
Fund for the Twenty-First Century

Goldschmied & Chiari – La Démocratie Est Illusion








Goldschmied & Chari
La Démocratie Est Illusion
Cura Books

La démocratie est illusion is a monographic publication by Goldschmied & Chiari, artists’ duo composed by Sara Goldschmied (1975) ed Eleonora Chiari (1971). The volume, published on the occasion of the solo exhibitions held at Passerelle Centre d’art contemporain in Brest and Villa Croce Museo d’arte contemporanea in Genova, collects the images of the works produced in the last two years on the relationship between the activities of the intelligence agencies and the practices of magic and illusionism in the Cold War era. The book accompanies the reader through an imaginary and real itinerary, between history and trickeries, from the installation and performance Hiding the Elephant – referring to the people who “mysteriously” disappeared, who were exiled or persecuted during the Cold War – to the last works of the series Untitled Views – digital prints on mirror in which the artists experiment the theatrical effects of colored smoke bombs. Along with the images, the book contains a conversation between Goldschmied & Chiari and Marcella Beccaria and the texts by Etienne Bernard and Ilaria Bonacossa, respectively curators of the show in Brest and Genova.

Dimension: 200 x 260 mm Hardcover
Pages: 134
Editor: Goldschmied & Chiari
Texts by: Marcella Beccaria, Etienne Bernard and Ilaria Bonacossa
Designed by Walter Santomauro
Edition of 1.000 copies
Year: 2016

Cura 22




Cura 22 Magazine

Cover by Sol Calero

Inside the Cover
Sol Calero text by Adam Carr

Portraits in the Exhibition Space
Johannes Cladders’ anti-museum by Lorenzo Benedetti

Exhibition Literature
Expanded Literature. Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster by Jean-Max Colard

James Bridle. Seeing Like a Network in conversation with Ben Vickers

Self-Portrait as a City. Alex Israel in conversation with Gigiotto Del Vecchio

Anicka Yi’s Allegorical Bouquets by Chris Sharp

Kevin Beasley. Energy Accumulates by Rose Bouthillier

Artist’s Project
by Amy Yao

Philipp Timischl in conversation with Pierre-Alexandre Mateos and Charles Teyssou

A Visit To
Rodrigo Hernández in conversation with Joao Mourao & Luis Silva

ÅYR in conversation with Philipp Ekardt

Caroline Mesquita in conversation with Martha Kirszenbaum

Debora Delmar Corp. by Judith Vrancken
Juliana Huxtable by Whitney Mallett
Sophie Jung by Frances Loeffler
Nancy Lupo by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer


Ryan McGinley – Untitled, 1999


Ryan McGinley
Untitled, 1999
Lot Number 38
Work: 22.5 x 16 in (57.15 x 40.64 cm)
Frame: 31.5 x 25 in (80.01 x 63.5 cm)
Edition of 10
Signed, numbered, and stamped on recto

With exhilarating images, full of freedom, Ryan McGinley documented the very culture he was in, and began by photographing his friends as they got drunk, did drugs, had sex; as they lived life, and lived it fast. McGinley’s photographs are immediate and uncensored but always deeply sincere, recording the excitement, danger, and even dream-like escapism which fuels youth. Unashamed, even defiant, the figure in this picture holds a cigarette in one hand as she snorts cocaine off a spoon, riffing off Pulp Fiction in her bracelets and chic attire, in a Warholian world of sad glam. As one of the youngest artists whose work was exhibited at the Whitney, McGinley captures the fears and the fantasies of a generation at once casual and chaotic, but always unapologetically free. This print is from the artist’s “The Kids Are Alright” series.



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