Progress Bar Amsterdam

Progress Bar Amsterdam

Scenario and Head by Huw Lemmey
Graphic Design by Michael Oswell

Karolina Pietrzyk – DADA100 Poster

Poster for the third event of the cycle called DADA100 organised by Rozkurz.

“This poster exists only in digital promotion, so I decided to make an animation.”

Karolina Pietrzyk

Loading Posters – Emuni

Loading Poster by Emuni Agency 001

Loading Poster by Emuni Agency 002

Loading Poster by Emuni Agency 003

Loading Poster by Emuni Agency 004

Agency Emuni LLP.
Client Rapyard

This is a poster for LOADING, a photo exhibition held in Wakayama, Japan. This is an exhibition where the processes from photo shooting to development were done by a photographer using an iPhone. In order to directly express the project theme as a component of the poster, the poster boldly uses the gray color generated when image is loading on PC or smartphone.

It increases people’s expectations dramatically and was effective in attracting customers as a paper poster, but at the same time, it gave the illusion of watching a display, intentionally hiding the photos and text elements.

Poster Exhibition at NRML Festival – Elias Hanzer

Part of Poster Exhibition at NRML Festival Elias Hanzer

Elias Hanzer

Jonathan Monk – Small Fires Burning, 2003

Jonathan Monk, Small fires burning, 2003.
Édition d’artiste. Collection Frac Normandie Rouen

Frac Normandie Rouen

Bar Strelka 18.03

Bar Strelka 18.03
Hysteric (AU)
Misha Geleyn

Design by Anna Kulachek

Frankfurter Positionen 2015

Design by Hort

Tandoori Yokoo – Koshimaki-Osen


Tandoori Yokoo
Koshimaki-Osen Poster

Lucas Blat – Transa: Experimental Posters


Transa: Experimental Poster #1, 2014
42 x 59,4cm


Transa: Experimental Poster #2, 2014
42 x 59,4cm


Transa: Experimental Poster #3, 2014
42 x 59,4cm

Lucas Blat
Personal project

Lunchtime Talk with Gravity Poster


Lunchtime Talk with Gravity, MUC (Vicky Arndt & Chris Black)
DHBW Mediendesign
Digital Print DIN A1 & 80x139cm
by Ephraim Ebertshäuser, 2013

Typographic Posters

Young and Social – Fons Hickmann M23


Fons Hickmann M23

Hino Koshiro Plays Prototype Virginal Variations – Shun Ishizuka


Jung Hyun Cho – SHOW for MPQ



Jung Hyun Cho

Jung Hyun Cho – MPQ!MPQ!MPQ!MPQ!


Jung Hyun Cho

Marken+Zeichen Poster


(The)dream weaver : one boy’s journey through the landscape of reality


Designed by Park Jinhan


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