Self Service N°47

Self Service N°47

Self Service N°47
Photography: Ezra Petronio
Model: Anja Rubik
Styling: Elodie David-Touboul

Self Service Magazine

Underscore Vol. 1 – Jessica Walsh

Underscore Vol.: 1 Jessica Walsh

Pre-Order Underscore Vol.: 1 Jessica Walsh

Meet Underscore, our premium, perfect bound quarterly monograph packaged with an extra-special accompanying zine.

After two issues of Not For Print, our thematic quarterly magazine, we wanted to go deeper. It can be hard picking just a few pieces to feature in the magazine from each artist, so we said: “fuck it, let’s make an entire book about a single artist.” The only downside: we would only get to feature one artist. To address this, we selected an additional 9 artists and featured them in an accompanying zine.

Underscore features the work of world-renowned graphic designer Jessica Walsh, of Sagmeister & Walsh, as well as an exclusive interview.

The zine features artists Tizian Baldinger, Beata Szczecinska, Marica Martella, Amber Vittoria, Sky Pape, Mete Yafet, Carson Lynn, Mariano Pagella, and Olga Urbanek.


96 pages
7” x 9”
Exclusive in-person interview with Jessica Walsh by Amy Ontiveros
Perfect bound


28 pages
6” x 8”
9 interviews
Saddle stitched

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032c Issue 33 – Winter 2017/18 “Berlin Kidz”

032c Issue 33 - Winter 2017/18 “Berlin Kidz” Petra Collins

032c Issue 33 - Winter 2017/18 “Berlin Kidz” Mario Testino

032c Issue 33 - Winter 2017/18 “Berlin Kidz” Pierre-Ange Carlotti

032c Issue 33 - Winter 2017/18 “Berlin Kidz” Jackie Nickerson

Issue 33
Winter 2017/18 “Berlin Kidz”

How do you write in an age of anger? By using text as a weapon to deface the establishment.

This is lesson number one of this issue’s dossier BERLIN KIDZ, which follows the anonymous group of graffiti writers, videographers, and train-surfers to the highest points in the German capital. Meanwhile in New Jersey, FRANK OCEAN lives out his exile on Main Street and receives a fresh glow from PETRA COLLINS and ALEX NEEDHAM. In two 032c archeological expeditions, MARIO TESTINO explores the shores of Pompeii, while KATERINA JEBB visits BALTHUS’s Grand Chalet for an editorial posthumously narrated by a conversation between the late painter and DAVID BOWIE. We delve into the psyche (and country home) of artist JORDAN WOLFSON and escape a Parisian hospital with JACKIE NICKERSON. Writer PANKAJ MISHRA explains why embarking on modernity was such a risky project and how we ended up in an “Age of Anger.” In a chilling personal essay, CEO MATHIAS DÖPFNER recounts his travels to the Nazi Death Camps in Poland. DANIEL RICHTER and LUDWIG LUGMEIER perform a séance on Jewish exile, Al Capone bodyguard, and lost modernist JACK BILBO, while PIERRE-ANGE CARLOTTI imagines the death metal cowboys of Botswana in Berlin. We speak with ABRA, BJARKE INGELS, TACO, and JULIANA HUXTABLE, and last but not least, KRIS VAN ASSCHE, who tells us what it means to be an Homme on the occasion of his ten year anniversary as artistic director of Dior.

Also included with the issue are sticker pages featuring designs by AMBUSH, Geoff McFetridge, J.W. Anderson, SSS World Corp, Wes Lang, and Virgil Abloh c/o OFF-WHITE.


Volume #51 – Augmented Technology

Volume #51 - Augmented Technology - Magazine Cover

Volume #51 - Augmented Technology - Magazine Spread 01

Volume #51 - Augmented Technology - Magazine Spread 02

Volume #51 - Augmented Technology - Magazine Spread 03

Volume Magazine

In Volume’s 10+ years of existence money became so ingrained in our neoliberal world, that societies have lost sight of almost any other form of value; like fairness, trust, equity, beauty, rest and uselessness. Values that we think need to get back to the surface, but by just going beyond we might loose sight. Powerful and highly interconnected managing systems are ruling that world that yet nobody seems to steer or fully understand. We as cultural agents have to go to the edges of the system we cannot leave, to scratch at some backdoors, that have no door-handle and put some wrenches to work; to dig and excavate, to unfold and rewrap.

The pressing social, political and urban questions of today cannot be dealt with from within the familiar bounds we are comfortable operating, by just one form of knowledge, one discipline, one type of practice, one approach or one cultural background. To get a grip we need to learn: to re-learn, unlearn, experiment, test, research, play.

And that is what Archis/Volume will do the coming years through research, debates, workshops, exhibitions, online publications and (at least) two issues of revamped Volume Magazine per year. The latest issue is redesigned at Irma Boom’s office with ongoing creativity, professionalism and enthusiasm.

Volume #51: Augmented Technology, represents the first step of a long-term research program undertaken by Archis/Volume and its partners. The program responds to the urgency not only to connect or re-connect the world of architecture to the tech community, but also to acknowledge the reality of design as inherently political. In this framework, the issue exposes core elements of the technological reality we live in and makes propositions for the present.

The digital space is inhabited by multiple, synthetic versions of ourselves and other agents, like bots and artificial intelligences interacting on privately owned platforms that acquire an increasingly political dimension—that is where the difference between user and citizen starts blurring. Those platforms represent a new ground of interaction that organizes life also beyond their digital boundaries into the physical world. Therefore, risks and impacts on the digital or the physical reality affect both, generating often unexpected outcomes, raising questions on the resilience of those very systems. More than that, these technologies have become the very tools through which we perceive reality and through which it is narrated to us. What world we want to live in becomes a question of design.

With: Sigrid Johannisse, Charles Landry, Clement Valla, Florence Okoye, Tamar Shafrir, Felix Madrazo, Adrien Ravon, Ben Schouten, Martijn de Waal, Adam van Heerden, Nick Land, Fred F.J. Schoorl, Doma, Victor M. Sanz, Sever, Leonardo Dellanoce, Liam Young, Nicolay Boyadjiev, Benjamin Bratton, Keiichi Matsuda, Stephan Petermann and Sander Pleij

The issue includes: Deconstruction, a 32-page insert produced with the Jaap Bakema Study Centre and designed by Loraine Furter. It investigates the deconstruction and re-use of modernist building components as researched by Rotor.

Volume #51, Augmented Technology can be purchased here.

Bodyzine by Von Mitchell

Bodyzine by Von Mitchell - Ello

BODYZINE, will feature multiple anonymous models that are comfortable in their own skin.
To win please leave a comment here and one winner will be picked randomly be the @ello team.

Photography by Von Mitchell

#giveaway #nyc #newyork #zine #bodyzine

Cereal Magazine – Volume 14

Cereal Magazine Volume 14 Autumn Winter 2017 001

Cereal Magazine Volume 14 Autumn Winter 2017 002

Cereal Magazine Volume 14 Autumn Winter 2017 003

Cereal Magazine Volume 14 Autumn Winter 2017 004

Cereal Magazine Volume 14 Autumn Winter 2017 005

Cereal Magazine Volume 14 Autumn Winter 2017 006

Cereal Magazine Volume 14 Autumn Winter 2017 007

Cereal Magazine Volume 14 Autumn Winter 2017 008

Cereal Volume 14
Autumn Winter 2017

In this volume we visit the iconic Farnsworth House, tour the cities of Chicago and Edinburgh and escape to the Shetland Islands. We spend the day at Wimbledon, interview Vincent Van Duysen and Grant Achatz, and mediate on the subject of desire.

Cereal Magazine

Cereal Magazine – Volume 13

Cereal Magazine Volume 13 Spring Summer 2017 Cover

Cereal Magazine Volume 13 Spring Summer 2017 002

Cereal Magazine Volume 13 Spring Summer 2017 003

Cereal Magazine Volume 13 Spring Summer 2017 004

Cereal Magazine Volume 13 Spring Summer 2017 005

Cereal Magazine Volume 13 Spring Summer 2017 006

Cereal Volume 13
Spring Summer 2017

In this volume, we discuss design with John Pawson and Margaret Howell, explore the cities of Sydney and London, and escape to Sri Lanka and Bali. We also sail with Loro Piana, visit the studio of Landon Metz, and tour the former home of Georgia O’Keeffe.

Cereal Magazine

Polanski Volume 06

Polanski Vol. 06
$28.00 / 8×11 in. / 192 pages / Off-set printed / Edition of 500


The Great Discontent Issue 3

The Great Discontent Issue 3 Cover 01

The Great Discontent Issue 3 Cover 02

The Great Discontent Issue 3 Cover 03

The Great Discontent Issue 3 Spread 01

The Great Discontent Issue 3 Spread 02

The Great Discontent Issue 3 Spread 03

The Great Discontent Issue 3 Spread 04

The Great Discontent Issue 3 Spread 05

The Great Discontent Issue 3 Spread 06

The Great Discontent Issue 3 Spread 07

The Great Discontent Issue 3 Spread 08

The Great Discontent Issue 3 Spread 09

The Great Discontent Issue 3 Spread 10

The Great Discontent Issue 3 Spread 11

The Great Discontent Issue 3 Spread 12

The Great Discontent Issue 3

The Great Discontent’s (TGD) third print issue with multiple covers is a celebration of possibility. This ad-free collection features 8 long-form interviews and 3 short features with those who have dared to push the boundaries of what is achievable. Their stories will encourage you to explore your interests and overcome your fears to discover what you’re truly capable of.

Issue Three features: Alison Sudol / Iron & Wine / Tei Shi / Stefan Sagmeister / Lisa Solberg / Eric White / Megan McIsaac / Poketo / Andre Wagner / Clayton Cubitt / Ruthie Lindsey

Details: Released May 2015 / Multiple covers: Alison Sudol, Iron & Wine, Tei Shi / 160 pages, ad-free / 9” x 12” / Offset-printed and perfect bound

The Great Discontent

Library Paper, Issue 07 – Romance

Library Paper, Issue 07 — Romance

Library Paper, Issue 07 — Romance

Library Paper is an up-to-date representation of varied design and art practices from around the world giving readers an insight into the artists process.

Issue 07 – Romance includes contributions from Alex Gardner, Ben Clark, Bureau Collective, Braulio Amado, Brian Kanagaki, Catalogue, Charlie Kwei, Coley Brown, Craig Boagey, Dad Jokes, Daily Dialogue, Damien Correll, Dr. Me, Eike König, Ellie Andrews & Stefy Pocket, Hardworking Goodlooking, Hayley Louisa Brown, Ines Cox, Jack Kimberly, Jan Horčík, Kristofferson San Pablo, Louis Reith, Lucas Dillon, More More Now, Nate Walton, Nick Sethi, Noah Venezia, Our Place Studio, Paul Gacon, Paul Phung, Phil Armson, Stefan Marx, Steve Hockett, Simon Whybray, Subject Studio, Teddy Fitzhugh, Teddy Guerrero, Thomas Pregiato, Yimmy Yayo.

Design and concept by Catalogue
Published by Catalogue Library, 2016
60 pages, full color, 8 × 11 inches

Draw Down

Pretty Much

Pretty Much Cover

Pretty Much features black and white portrait photography from Henry Gaudier-Greene, Gracie Hagen, Fox Harvard, Olivia Lazer, Francisco Marin, Nick Nemphos, Michal Pudelka, and Greta Tu.

Published by Draw Down
First edition, 2013
Printed in an edition of 1,000
16 pages, 2-color offset, 11 x 15 in.
ISBN 978-09857337-2-8

Draw Down

Flash Art International no. 313 – March / April 2017

Flash Art International no. 313
March – April 2017

Discussing the painting practice of Kerry James Marshall with Hans Ulrich Obrist, fashion designer Grace Wales Bonner cites Marshall’s intention to keep producing images of blackness “so that you’re broadening the spectrum and flooding people with that kind of imagery until it becomes normal.” “I think that’s probably why I’m on this path as well,” she concludes. Her words are central to this issue of Flash Art, which is premised on broadening the spectrum of representation of disenfranchised and marginalized communities and giving voice to creatives emerging out of these groups.

This issue gathers together artists and practitioners concerned with the development of creative languages “for empowerment,” all of whom “weaponize” creativity. In a tacit homage to Lutz Bacher’s interview project “Do You Love Me?” our cover artist Puppies Puppies meets with fellow Los Angeles–based artist Nancy Lupo. To his question, “What do you think about power in my work?” Lupo replies: “We are mutually vulnerable. The project of finding out when and where love begins is irresistible because it allows you to inscribe yourself into something that’s already happening. You get to choose your archetype, although it’s true that archetypes can be vexing, as are readymades.”

Flash Art

Cura. No.24 
Limited Edition

Special Limited Edition Lenticular Cover
by Yves Scherer
Edition of 100 copies numbered

More awesome.

CURA. NO.24 

Cura. No.24

Cover by Yves Scherer

Inside the Cover
Yves Scherer
by Abaseh Mirvali

Pop up Section
the Machine
A year-long section edited
by Anthony Huberman
Text by Robert Snowden
Images by Lutz Bacher

Portraits in
the Exhibition Space
Walter Hopps will be here in 20 minutes
by Lorenzo Benedetti


On Making Better Porn – Alain De Botton

Maidenfed, New York 2015

On Making Better Porn

Words by Alain De Botton
Photography by Olivier Zahm

The online world is flooded with every conceivable kind of sexual image. A substantial percentage of all Internet searches – perhaps as high as 25% – are for pornographic material. Even its detractors have to concede that, by the standards of sheer volume at least, the porn industry seems to be hugely successful. It appears to have tapped into a core demand of humanity, however awkward it might at times feel about admitting this… read more

Purple Magazine


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