Gucci Ad 2003 by Mario Testino

Gucci SS 2003 by Mario Testino

Karl Lagerfeld on Staying Current

Bergstrom over Paris – Helmut Newton

Bergstrom over Paris - Helmut Newton - 1976

Bergstrom over Paris – Helmut Newton – 1976

What’s Playing Right Now

More musical goodness from Kitsuné.

Grab a copy here!

Kitsuné Soliel Mix

Banksy – Er…

Exclusive download for the more ambivalent patriot. Download and print it on a mug or a tea towel.

Check out this and other Jubilee Specials at Picture on Walls.

George Duke – A Brazilian Love Affair

Find it.

Blow Job

Gale force wind portraits by Tadao Cern. Great idea!

I Want My A.P.C.

A.P.C. Spring / Summer 2012

Our Prices Are Insane

Barbara Kruger - Our Prices Are Insane

Prozac and Zoloft

Prozac and Zoloft, it’s so hard to choose between the two. I didn’t, I just went with both!

prozac by laurie hoginzoloft by laurie hogin

Prozac and Zoloft by Laurie Hogin.

Get them at Opus Art.

Skull Bunnies by Nomad

Skull Bunny by Nomad - YellowSkull Bunny by Nomad - OrangeSkull Bunny by Nomad - PinkSkull Bunny by Nomad - Gold

Colourful Skull Bunny edition prints by Nomad. Check them out at Pictures on Walls. They’re only £75 for the yellow, orange and pink ones. £150 for a gold skull bunny.

We Are Cassandre – Dalida Remixes

Download free We Are Cassandre, Dalida remixes. Get them all here!!!

Check the first comment when you get there.

New Kitsuné Compilation: Kitsuné Parisien II

Kitsuné Parisien II is out now !

A colourful and exciting collection of tracks from the latest emerging bands and acts on the vibrant Parisian scene and beyond! Kitsuné is glad to gather and present you some of the romantic city’s freshest players whether they rehearse in damp cellars, compose on their laptotp in the kitchen or record in state-of-the-art-home-studios.

Covering the many bases of electropop, inide-dance and everything in between, Kitsuné Parisien II – selected by Kitsuné’s founder Gildas Loaëc and designed by graffiti artist André Saraiva – offers a lively snapshot of what is cooking up for 2012 in Paris and further afield!

You can listen to a minimix by Jerry Bouthier below. Or buy it from Kitsuné as a digital download here.

iA Writer. Simple. Awesome.

iA Writer is great app for iPhone, iPad and Mac. It makes writing fun and super easy. If you write, you really should get it.

“Imagine a writing environment that lets you keep your hands on the keyboard and your mind in the text. iA Writer won’t make you a Nobel-prize winning romancier, but it will make writing more pleasureable. And this is why Writer is the most selling writing app in the App Store right behind Apple’s Pages.”

Love it! Use it all the time.

Find out more about iA Writer here.

Kitsuné – La Pool Party in Miami

Kitsuné Club Night hits Miami for two shows!!!

Don’t miss live shows from Crystal Fighters and Computer Magic, and Dj Gigamesh on March 17th at Bardot!

On March 22th at The Standard Kitsuné presents La Dock Party with OLIVERPenguin Prison, Plastic Plates and Cassian!

Check out some of the most recent Kitsuné hits below!

Visit Kitsuné’s website.


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