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Flash Art 319

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Sam Falls – The Four Seasons Forever

Sam Falls
The Four Seasons Forever

Edition of 800
96 pages
Paperback 28×21 cm
ISBN 978-88-7816-175-7

A new publication on the work of Sam Falls, The Four Seasons Forever, depicts 13 photogram works made by the artist, each pictured before and after its exposure to natural elements, such as sun, wind and rain. The first section of the book shows Falls’s collection of classical music on vinyl, photographed lying on shimmery, silk material. Each record, accompanied by its original cover, serves as “ elief” or “sun catalyst”, in order to create an impression of two geometric shapes (a circle and a square) on silk. Time, chance and accident combine in this series of works, which the artist created on the occasion of a year-long exhibition at Galleria Franco Noero, Turin. The publication includes an extended conversation between the artist and Nicolas Trembley.

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Flash Art International no. 313 – March / April 2017

Flash Art International no. 313
March – April 2017

Discussing the painting practice of Kerry James Marshall with Hans Ulrich Obrist, fashion designer Grace Wales Bonner cites Marshall’s intention to keep producing images of blackness “so that you’re broadening the spectrum and flooding people with that kind of imagery until it becomes normal.” “I think that’s probably why I’m on this path as well,” she concludes. Her words are central to this issue of Flash Art, which is premised on broadening the spectrum of representation of disenfranchised and marginalized communities and giving voice to creatives emerging out of these groups.

This issue gathers together artists and practitioners concerned with the development of creative languages “for empowerment,” all of whom “weaponize” creativity. In a tacit homage to Lutz Bacher’s interview project “Do You Love Me?” our cover artist Puppies Puppies meets with fellow Los Angeles–based artist Nancy Lupo. To his question, “What do you think about power in my work?” Lupo replies: “We are mutually vulnerable. The project of finding out when and where love begins is irresistible because it allows you to inscribe yourself into something that’s already happening. You get to choose your archetype, although it’s true that archetypes can be vexing, as are readymades.”

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Matteo Callegari

Matteo Callegari

Edition of 600
124 pages
Hardcover 26×24 cm
ISBN 9788894154009

This publication explores the painting practice of New York–based, Italian-born artist Matteo Callegari. Organized in sections according to the artist’s bodies of work, the volume digs into Callegari’s constellation of references — from ancient funerary sculpture to Renaissance painting — and rearticulates materials according to the artist’s strategies of image-making. Design studio Front Desk Apparatus imitates Callegari’s painting practices of distortion and delineation in order to freeze the moment in which the images’ semantic value deteriorates. Callegari’s paintings appear in these pages as corrupted data, information bugs; at the same time they fight for their own iconicity. Embodying the very process of the artworks’s making, this book can be read as the platform of Callegari’s “painting system.”

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Wang Yuyang – Tonight I shall meditate upon that which I am









Wang Yuyang
Tonight I shall meditate upon that which I am

Tonight I Shall Meditate Upon That Which I Am is the first bilingual monograph on the work of Chinese artist Wang Yuyang. The book delves into Wang’s practice, focusing particularly on his eponymous solo show at the Long Museum in Shanghai in 2015. It features contributions by an international roster of writers, including Beijing-based artist and curator Bao Dong, Director of CAC Shanghai Zhang Ga, CUNY Distinguished Professor David Joselit, Flash Art co-publisher Helena Kontova, Stanford University Professor Pamela M. Lee, and writer and curator Robin Peckham.

The book’s title is taken from Wang’s eponymous work executed in 2008 — a colossal sculptural wreckage which, according the artist, was evidence of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module disintegrating upon landing or during the voyage home. This work alludes to a future that sees its twilight in the smoldering ruins, a future conceived in the overlapping of the “that” in “I” and the “I” in “that.” “That which I am” conjugates the subject and the object, conflating the inanimate and the soulful and suggesting an emerging relationship between things and humans. This foreshadows much of the artist’s recent work, providing a conceptual clue to understanding his magnificently uncanny creations.

Edition of 800
354 pages
Hard cover 28×21 cm
ISBN 9788894154016

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Flash Art International no. 302 May – June 2015

Flash Art International no. 302 May – June 2015

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