Jean Luce — Dinner Plate, France ca.1937

Jean Luce - Dinner Plate, France ca.1937 01

Jean Luce - Dinner Plate, France ca.1937 x 4

This is a dinner plate. It was designed by Jean Luce and made by Charles Ahrenfeldt. It is dated ca. 1937 and acquired by Cooper Hewitt in 1969. The plate is glazed, molded porcelain with enamel, gold, and platinum, and forms part of the Product Design and Decorative Arts department.

Exhibited at the 1937 Paris International Exposition, this plate’s red-orange enamel field features three L-shaped decorative bands, two in gold and one in platinum. The bold graphics and precious metals, together with the background color and the clean geometric shape, achieve a combination of revolution and luxury that demonstrates art deco style.

Donated by James M. Osborn and catalogued by Janet Thorpe. It is credited Gift of James M. Osborn.

Cooper Hewitt Collection