CURA. 28 — The Ultimate Body Issue

CURA. 28

CURA. 28
The Ultimate Body Issue

Our yearlong investigation into the body continues
CURA. 28 is devoted to different artistic experiences and practices—crossing generations, time, space, and media—revolving around the boundaries, powers, forms and interpretations of the body that exist within the present world.

What’s more

Bodies on the cover
A double cover by artists Amalia Ulman and Hannah Levy is presented by texts from Travis Diehl and Kat Herriman. In Ulman’s work the body—her body—is both the protagonist of a relentless re-enactment and a means to question the boundaries between illusion and truth. Levy’s sculptural installations and performances explore the figure and its politics through the objects we surround ourselves with.

Body of Work
Vincent Honoré’s conversation with Lynn Hershman Leeson provides an opportunity to delve into the artist’s multiform production, capable of creating a bridge between the political movements of the ’60s and the most contemporary themes of technology and science. Prem Sahib and Celia Hempton have been invited to reflect visually on their “body of work,” creating links between their own artistic production and the images which shape their personal imaginary: their visual essays are introduced by Huw Lemmey and Kathy Noble.

Political Bodies
Three essays reflect on the body from different perspectives: the dancing body, the loving body, and the collective body. Manuel Segade writes about the practice of voguing and radical performance, analyzing, amongst other examples, Charles Atlas’ major work Butchers’ Vogue and Glenn Ligon’s Condition Report; Fiona Alison Duncan talks about her project Pillow Talk, intended as a platform to discuss sex, gender, and love in our discomforting, novel, and wild time; finally Penny Rafferty interprets a selection of artistic collectives, examining their modes of production and communication tactics.

The Conversations
Anna Gritz enters into a dialogue with Sidsel Meineche Hansen about her ongoing research on sex dolls and robots; Piper Marshall’s 25 questions are this time addressed to Madeline Hollander, who explains the processes and concerns at the heart of her choreographic performances; while Margot Norton retraces with Anna K.E. the pivotal moments of the artist’s production, from her early video works to her most recent installations.

What’s HOT!
The HOT! section is devoted to a series of artists who—using different media and working in a variety of contexts—focus on the body as a subject, a theme, a key to understand the structure and the mechanisms of the surrounding world: Aria Dean is presented by Attilia Fattori Franchini; Louis Fratino by Alex Bennett; Young Joon Kwak by Ceci Moss; Julien Ceccaldi by Whitney Mallett; Stine Deja by Alice Bucknell; Paul Mpagi Sepuya by Nikki Darling; Yu Ji by Todd Von Ammon; D S Chapman by Micol Hebron; Nabuqi by Loïc Le Gall.

You can find CURA. 28 “The Ultimate Body Issue” in the best international bookshops in Italy and abroad, order your copy on CURA. website or find it at Art Basel (June 14–17). Or… stop by BASEMENT ROMA and buy one.

CURA. 28

032c Issue #34 — Summer 2018: “The Big Flat Now”

032c Issue #34
Summer 2018: “The Big Flat Now”

We regret to inform you that there is no future. Nor is there a past. music, art, technology, pop culture, and fashion have evaporated as well. There is only one thing left: the big flat now.

For 032c’s Issue 34, we offer 12 theses for consumption and creativity in the infinite present, rendered by Peruvian graphic designer JONATHAN CASTRO. An expert at the multi-disciplinary, rapper TRAVIS SCOTT expounds his love of fans and fatherhood from the driveway of his Texan Lamborghini horse ranch. Gucci’s creative director ALESSANDRO MICHELE explains the origin of his magic mushroom and the meaning of time, while performance artist and WorldWideWitch community creator JOHANNES PAUL RAETHER introduces us to his many selves. Nonagenarian and artist LUCHITA HURTADO, who once had her feet massaged by Marcel Duchamp, looks back on a century of modern art in conversation with HANS ULRICH OBRIST, while London-based art and car collector KENNY SCHACHTER takes us on a tour of his home / art studio / garage. Photographer WOLFGANG TILLMANS sends in personal dispatches from his debut exhibition in Kinshasa, and we visit the COSMIC COMMUNITIES who used outer space and psychedelia as tools for sexual liberation. Elsewhere, Alyx’s MATTHEW WILLIAMS and NIKE test the post-human frontiers of apparel design, documented in an editorial by NICK KNIGHT. Italian supermodel MARIACARLA BOSCONO lives out fetish fantasies, and PETRA COLLINS and PIERRE-ANGE CARLOTTI pledge themselves to one another “Forever.” Anti-heartthrob actor VOLKER BRUCH gets bloody-eyed while considering his transatlantic fame. We speak to RICH THE KID about his perfect day, and hang with BROCKHAMPTON, TREVOR PAGLEN, BRIA VINAITE, and TAKAHIRO MIYASHITA.

032c Magazine

I Do It Exceptionally Well. I Do It So It Feels Like Hell. — 032c

I Do It Exceptionally Well. I Do It So It Feels Like Hell.

“I Do It Exceptionally Well. I Do It So It Feels Like Hell.”

Roman supermodel Mariacarla Boscono explores latex vacuums and consensual suspension with photographer Thomas Lohr for the editorial “I do it exceptionally well, I do it so it feels like hell,” styled by 032c’s fashion director Marc Goehring.

Click to see Mariacarla and performer Bianca O’Brien in the video ➝

And yes, that’s the What We Believe Writer’s Belt shining underneath the mood slime.

032c magazine

Self Service N°47

Self Service N°47

Self Service N°47
Photography: Ezra Petronio
Model: Anja Rubik
Styling: Elodie David-Touboul

Self Service Magazine

Self Service Spring Summer 2016 by Venetia Scott

Self Service Spring Summer 2016 by Venetia Scott 001

Self Service Spring Summer 2016 by Venetia Scott 002

Self Service Spring Summer 2016 by Venetia Scott 003

Self Service Spring Summer 2016 by Venetia Scott 004

Self Service Spring Summer 2016 by Venetia Scott 005

Self Service Spring Summer 2016 by Venetia Scott 006

Self Service Spring Summer 2016 by Venetia Scott 007

Self Service Spring Summer 2016 by Venetia Scott 008

Self Service Spring Summer 2016 by Venetia Scott 009

Venetia Scott photographs Anna Cholewa, Anna Cleveland, Lina Berg and Cierra Skye for Self Service magazine 2016.

Styled by Poppy Kain
Hair by Sebastien Richard
Make-up by Lotten Holmqvist

Self Service

Polanski Volume 06

Polanski Vol. 06
$28.00 / 8×11 in. / 192 pages / Off-set printed / Edition of 500


Numéro 178 Eden – November 2016 issue


Cover story : Joan Smalls by Greg Kadel in the November issue of Numéro

Discover the cover et the content of the November 2016 issue of Numéro, Eden (on the newsstands from 29th September) with Justice, Bouchra Jarrar at Lanvin, Maurizio Cattelan, Angelin Prejlocaj, Niels Schneider…

Numéro 178

Not For Print — Issue 1 Censorship


Not For Print
Issue 1 Censorship
Ello Publication

We are excited to announce the new Ello publication, Not For Print. The first issue will address the theme of “censorship,” and we want to see who’s pushing the limits, challenging the mainstream, making work that says something important, and moving the world forward in a better direction

Not For Print will help bring the best of Ello into the real world with a tangible, show-it-off-on-your-coffee-table magazine featuring the art of 50 creators on Ello. And we want to see your work in it! Not For Print is another way Ello is committing to provide visibility and opportunity for our incredibly talented community.

And to make a rad fucking magazine.

Submissions will be open November 7 – 11:59pm MST November 23, 2016.

Ninety Nine U No 11 Magazine


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Want Love – Magazine Cover


Sixteen Volume 1


Polanski Vol.03















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Nude girl reading Playboy magazine