Maria Loboda – To Separate the Sacred From the Profane, 2016

Maria Loboda, To Separate the Sacred From the Profane, 2016 © Blaise Adilon

Maria Loboda: La Fête, La Musique, La Noce
Charwei Tsai
Jef Geys
June 2–August 13, 2017

Institut d’art contemporain, Villeurbanne/Rhône-Alpes
11 rue Docteur Dolard
69100 Villeurbanne

La Fête, La Musique, La Noce (Fun, Music and Festivities) were, in fact, all euphemisms, in the colourful slang of Napoleon’s grand army, for “war”—La Guerre.

The three words are the battle cry of Maria Loboda’s one-woman show at the IAC, her biggest ever in France. But, lurking under this slightly baroque exhibition title with its blithe overtones of jollity and merriment, there is a sense of menace. An underlying tension sets in early and stays with the visitor until the end of the exhibition.

More interested in the imperfections and meanderings of history than she is in the archaeological evidence for it or in its legitimate functions, Maria Loboda bases her work on the interpretation and re-appropriation of rituals and, by extension, the symbols specific to different communities.


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