Yves Saint Laurent Accessories

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Yves Saint Laurent Accessories

An exclusive homage to – and retrospective of – the iconic fashion designer’s couture accessories.

Format: Hardback
Size: 246 x 189 mm (9 3/4 x 7 1/2 in)
Pages: 432 pp
Illustrations: 300 illustrations
ISBN: 9780714874715

‘One can never overstate the importance of accessories. They are what turns a dress into something else. I like dresses to be sober and accessories to be wild’, Yves Saint Laurent, 1977.

Yves Saint Laurent Accessories is the first book to date to shed light on the breathtaking accessories created by one of the most influential fashion designers of all time. From his first collection in 1962 to his acclaimed final presentation in 2002, Yves Saint Laurent created exquisite jewellery, hats, shoes, and handbags to complement and enhance each of his couture creations. Beautifully designed, in a small format evocative of a jewellery box, the book offers an unprecedented glimpse into the highly confidential archives of The Yves Saint Laurent Foundation in Paris, which is home to over 20,000 remarkable accessories. The book features specially commissioned photography of the accessories alongside a treasure trove of rare materials including preparatory sketches, intimate portraits of Saint Laurent at work, behind-the-scenes snapshots of models, catwalk photographs, and advertising campaigns. Yves Saint Laurent Accessories introduces readers to a prominent yet rarely seen side of Saint Laurent’s art, leading them backstage and through the history of a house that helped to shape the course of fashion.

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Lauren Greenfield – Generation Wealth

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Lauren Greenfield
Generation Wealth

A highly anticipated monograph from the internationally acclaimed documentary photographer and filmmaker.

Lauren Greenfield: Generation Wealth is both a retrospective and an investigation into the subject of wealth over the last twenty-five years. Greenfield has traveled the world – from Los Angeles to Moscow, Dubai to China – bearing witness to the global boom-and-bust economy and documenting its complicated consequences. Provoking serious reflection, this book is not about the rich, but about the desire to be wealthy, at any cost.

To find out more about Lauren Greenfield, her current exhibition and upcoming film, go to Generation Wealth.

Format: Hardback
Size: 305 x 229 mm (12 x 9 in)
Pages: 504 pp
Illustrations: 625 illustrations
ISBN: 9780714872124


Joel Meyerowitz – Taking My Time

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Joel Meyerowitz
Taking My Time

With over 650 pages and featuring over 550 images, Taking My Time provides an unprecedented overview and insight into the mind and work of the iconic American photographer Joel Meyerowitz.

Beautifully sequenced and edited with Meyerowitz himself, and including his own personal accounts, this extensive and personal selection charts his complete development as a photographer and creates an unbeatable account of a significant evolution in photography. As an exceptionally diverse and renowned practitioner of his craft, Joel Meyerowitz is best known for pioneering the use of colour photography as an art form, as well as for his witty and subversive ability to capture off-guard moments with humour and affection.

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Elemental Living – Contemporary Houses in Nature

Elemental Living
Contemporary Houses in Nature

Presents 60 works of architecture from across the 20th and 21st centuries that have a special relationship with the natural world.

Elemental Living presents 60 works of architecture from across the 20th and 21st centuries that have a special relationship with the natural world. The book includes a visually breathtaking selection of architect-created houses that have been designed to create unparalleled views of a wide variety of natural landscapes; designed to be almost indistinguishable from the natural landscape; or designed using materials and forms found in the natural landscape. Each house demonstrates a deep concern with the creation of unique living spaces that connect their inhabitants with the forests, mountains, lakes, deserts, and oceans that have attracted humanity for millennia.


MAD Works — MAD Architects








MAD Works
MAD Architects

The first complete overview of the most important contemporary architecture practice ever to have emerged from China

The skylines of modern China are punctuated by architecture that amazes, inspires, and awes. Many of these structures are the work of new, experimental practices like China-based MAD Architects. MAD Works not only documents the buildings of this group of avant-garde architects but also traces the development of their ideas through associated practice including art, research, and exhibition projects. Organized thematically, the book explores the underlying concepts of MAD Architects’ work. MAD Works is illustrated with photographs, architectural drawings, and 3D visualizations to provide a thorough exploration of MAD Architect’s international portfolio of completed works, unbuilt projects, and future ideas.

Format: Hardback
Size: 290 x 250 mm (11 3/8 x 9 7/8 in)
Pages: 240 pp
Illustrations: 300 Illustrations
ISBN: 9780714871967

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Vitamin P3 – New Perspectives in Painting







Vitamin P3 – New Perspectives in Painting

At last – the next instalment in the popular Vitamin series – the world’s hottest painters, selected by international experts.

Since the publication of the first Vitamin P in 2002, painting has continued to evolve and excite, with new generations responding to its historic importance and taking it in unexpected directions. A central pillar of artistic practice, painting also has enduring appeal, dominating the art market. Vitamin P3 takes the conversation forward, spotlighting more than 100 outstanding artists who are engaging with – and pushing the boundaries of – the medium of paint.

International experts include: Iwona Blazwick, Benjamin Buchloh, Marlene Dumas, Laura Hoptman, Geeta Kapur, Alex Katz, Tim Marlow, Sarah McCrory, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Beatrix Ruf, Nancy Spector.

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This Brutal World – Peter Chadwick







This Brutal World
By Peter Chadwick

A timely and wide-ranging global survey of this compelling and much-admired style of architecture.

A curated collection of some of the most powerful and awe-inspiring Brutalist architecture ever built.

This Brutal World is a global survey of this compelling and much-admired style of architecture. It brings to light virtually unknown Brutalist architectural treasures from across the former eastern bloc and other far flung parts of the world.

It includes works by some of the best contemporary architects including Zaha Hadid and David Chipperfield as well as by some of the master architects of the 20th century including Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Kahn, Paul Rudolph and Marcel Breuer.

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Grace – Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue







Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue

A celebration of the work of legendary fashion stylist Grace Coddington during her first 30 years at Vogue UK and US.

With the reissue of Grace: Thirty Years at Vogue, Phaidon Press publishes the first of two volumes showcasing the definitive collection of work by the legendary fashion stylist Grace Coddington. The edition includes a special, illustrated and autographed letter by Grace.

The 408-page collection of Grace Coddington’s greatest work as a fashion stylist and sittings editor is not just a monograph of her first 30 years at Vogue, it is also a visual reminiscence of 30 years of British and American Vogue’s best work. The photographers whose work is included: Irving Penn, Cecil Beaton, Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin, Snowdon, Horst, Norman Parkinson, Ellen von Unwerth, Bruce Weber, Mario Testino, Steven Meisel, Arthur Elgort, Steven Klein, Annie Leibovitz, Hans Feurer, Sarah Moon, Peter Lindbergh, Patrick Demarchelier, Peter Knap, Clive Arrowsmith, Sheila Metzner, Terence Donovan, Barry Lategan, Sacha, Alex Chatelain, Duc, Paolo Roversi, and Herb Ritts.

An introduction by Michael Roberts, former fashion editor for Tatler, Vanity Fair, and The New Yorker is included as is a foreword by Anna Wintour.

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frieze A to Z of Contemporary Art







frieze A to Z of Contemporary Art
Published by Phaidon

The ultimate guide to 25 years of contemporary art, as seen through the filter of the world’s leading contemporary art magazine

frieze A to Z of Contemporary Art charts the dynamic, changing landscape of the contemporary art and culture of the past quarter century. Drawing on frieze magazine’s exceptional back catalogue of articles, this book brings together a curated collection of over fifty engaging highlights. It features artist interviews; essays on subjects as varied as museums, photography, pre-historic art and television; and think pieces on broader cultural topics, such as fame, gentrification, nostalgia, and style. The book’s content – selected from throughout the magazine’s history – offers a guide to this dynamic era of visual culture, revealing the increasing internationalism, popularity, and market dominance of contemporary art.

Format: Hardback
Size: 240 x 165 mm (9 1/2 x 6 1/2 in)
Pages: 352 pp
Illustrations: 100 Illustrations
ISBN: 9780714871998

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Body of Art












Body of Art – Phaidon Books

Failed It! – Erik Kessels














Failed It! by Erik Kessels
Phaidon Books










A celebration of Brazil’s contemporary cultural scene by those who know it best, at a time when creativity is flourishing across the country.

Concieved and created by Phaidon

Do It Yourself – 50 Projects by Designers and Artists





Do It Yourself
50 Projects by Designers and Artists
Thomas Bärnthaler

50 of the world’s most exciting designers and visionary artists have devised simple objects that anyone can make at home.